Interview with Tim Peake – download this FREE reading comprehension

We want to inspire the future generation of scientists with our monthly magazine! That’s why, every month we interview inspirational scientists about their jobs so children across the globe can learn about fascinating areas of science and what it takes to do these jobs.

We interviewed astronaut Tim Peake and wanted to share it here for free so that everyone can be inspired by Tim’s story. This pack also includes a reading comprehension question and answer sheet for schools and home educators to teach kids.

Interview with astronaut Tim Peake reading comprehension

This interview delves into what it is really like to travel in space. Tim Peake describes what it feels like to take off in a rocket and to feel weightless, as well as his scariest moments. A must-read for your aspiring astronauts. 

This downloadable reading pack includes: 
– An interview with Tim Peake for you to print or for your child to read on a tablet.
–  Reading comprehension question sheet and answer sheet.

Our teaching resources are designed for children from 6 to 12, but this reading comprehension is particularly perfect for year 5, P6 (Scotland) and 9-year-olds and 10-year-olds as it ties in with the National Curriculum topic about earth and space they will be taught this during this school year.

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Science Week March 2022 – Growth

As science coordinator, you will have been trying to work out what to do for science week this year. Whizz Pop Bang has lots of resources available for your teachers to use, which have all the planning already done and link with this year’s theme of ‘growth’.

You may want to come up with a whole-school investigation, but I am sure your colleagues are also looking for ideas for their year groups. We have two FREE activities based on plants which are suitable for all year groups.

Free science lesson activities for primary science, blooming water lily and chromatography flowers.

Plus, we have teaching resources available for the year groups 2 to 6, including a memorable lesson planned and ready to use and a bank of reading comprehensions.

Year 2 Science – We are growing all the time and need to fuel our bodies with the right food to help. Pupils will analyse a recent meal, examine food labels and have fun making tasty, healthy ‘super seed energy balls’.

Year 2 science lesson about food.

Reading comprehensions

Our year 2 reading comprehension texts are differentiated to make them accessible to more children in your class. 

Year 3 Science – As we grow, we develop muscles. Investigate how our muscles work with this investigation.

Science lesson for year 3 about muscles.

Reading comprehensions

Year 4 Science – All animals need to eat to grow. In this pack, pupils will discover that a coral reef is in fact both living and dead. They will make their own edible polyp and learn the importance of the coral polyp in the reef ecosystem. 

year 4 science lesson pack on coral reef ecosystems

Reading comprehensions

Year 5 Science – Investigate different life cycles – there are lots of weird and wonderful examples out there! Our lesson pack on life cycles involves pupils making their own 3D model of a life cycle.

Year 5 lesson pack on life cycles.

Reading comprehensions

Year 6 Science – Everything which is alive and growing has its own DNA. Get your year 6 science pupils to investigate and make their own double helix model with our lesson pack.

year 6 science lesson pack on DNA

Reading comprehensions

Don’t forget to ask teachers to take photographs so you can make a display or share them on your school’s social media platforms. We would love to see what you have been doing too, so please tag us @whizzpopbangmag

Whizz Pop Bang magazine and teaching resources are brilliant ways to enhance your school’s science teaching:

  • We provide downloadable science lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, hands-on investigations and science reading comprehensions written by primary school teachers.
  • Whizz Pop Bang teaching resources link to the National Curriculum, ensuring correct coverage.
  • All of our resources are year group specific, ensuring progression between the years.
  • We make cross-curricular links to other subjects, such as English, Maths, History, Geography, Design and Technology and PSHE.

Prices from as little as £190 per year for a copy of Whizz Pop Bang magazine through the post each month and whole-school access to our ever-growing library of downloadable teaching resources, with unlimited teacher logins.

We’ve also launched a new individual teaching resource membership option so teachers and home educators can access all of our amazing resources for just £20 for the whole year

“Using Whizz pop bang school resources has enabled investigations to be an integral part of my science planning. I now have investigations and experiments throughout my planning rather than just at the end. The lessons are easy to resource, and the pack has everything I need to teach the lesson, so it saves me time as well!” Louise Hampson, Year 3 teacher 

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